About Siobhan McHale


I've spent the past 25 years as a culture advisor helping leaders around the world create better, more productive workplaces.

Siobhan has worked with leaders across Europe, Australia, the United States and Asia to transform their businesses. She began her career as a management consultant based at PricewaterHouse Coopers in London. In 1994 Siobhan had grown tired of the long, wet English winters and made the move to Australia where she continued her work as a culture change advisor with the international, Chicago-based, consulting firm Accenture. 

After a decade as a consultant Siobhan decided she wanted to and have some ‘skin in the game’ and put the theories into practice.  She became the executive in charge of change in a series of large, complex organizations. She was no longer flying in and out advising managers about how to lead transformation but was now an 'insider’ who was responsible for making the change happen.

One of her most challenging assignments was transforming the culture at an Australian bank, which became a case study taught by Professor John Kotter at Harvard Business School.  ANZ went from the industry laggard to one of the top performing banks in the world. Over the course of seven years Siobhan worked with the leaders to implement a radical transformation of ANZ’s culture. In the end, the firm went from the lowest performing financial institution in the country to the number one bank globally on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, with profits more than doubling and the share price almost tripling during this timeframe. The firm now had a highly engaged workforce and had become a magnet for talent, receiving over 10,000 applications annually for its 250 graduate places. The bank was now winning awards for leadership, employee engagement and customer service.  

These ‘insider’ roles gave Siobhan a very different perspective on culture transformation that was distinct from the views held by the academics, consultants and journalists who were writing on the topic of change. The insights she has gained have allowed her to develop a groundbreaking approach to bringing about real and lasting change that is described in her book 'The Culture Doctor'. 

Siobhan is an organizational psychologist with a BA (Double Honors) in Psychology and a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology from the Social & Applied Psychology Unit, University of Sheffield, England. She is passionate about helping leaders to build better and more productive organizations that create positive outcomes for customers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole.